Chamber Gallery, Rangiora Library, 2014. Curated by Brian Hoult.

This show was all about my father Gordon Keith Webster, who died on 1 February 2013.

In the wall of monoprints, I contemplated all the boats associated with him, from the barque his family sailed in to settle in Christchurch in the mid 1800’s, the war ship his father travelled on to fight in WW1, to the boats he built for our family holidays, including his conflicted feelings about water… I made the sculptures to represent different phases of his life, and to explore the feeling of his memory of self-embodied, then gone. I shared his last moments of life, and it was a very profound experience to see him vanish from his dear body. The paintings were all meditations on this, by way of paintings from those sculptures, and thereby, all the things I felt about him.